Sales & Leasing Team


Sales & Leasing Manager

Yehia has spent the past 9 years in the Gulf, based in Qatar, where he heads up the sales and leasing team.

Yehia’s leasing experience and team leadership is fundamental in driving the sales and leasing team forward and achieving impressive results.

His broad knowledge of the Qatar market and his extensive network of contacts has helped build the commercial and residential sales and leasing business.

His belief is that by implementing and maintaining the correct property systems and procedures the company can deliver  exemplary customer service and satisfaction.



Mohsen’s 16 years in Qatar has given him exceptional knowledge of the real estate market and he is an important member of the broker team handling commercial and residential leasing transactions.

He also assists with property management, lease renewals, repairs and maintenance and leasing of the management stock.


Marketing Manager

Based in Qatar for 9 years Michelle is an important member of the broker team, heading up marketing for the commercial and residential leasing transactions.
Michelle is highly customer focused and is in charge of the contact centre and oversees the CRM system.
She implements compliance for real estate transactions and valuation projects, where her knowledge and experience of the systems and necessary documentation is essential. She conducts property research and has excellent working knowledge of the Qatari property market.

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