Property Consulting

Our consulting expertise enables our clients to make informed decisions about their property portfolios they own, further investments they are contemplating, or the buildings they occupy.
Our detailed analysis of your property portfolio will help identify any significant vulnerabilities, that can adversely affect individual assets, or lead to lost market share, revenue, reputation, and shareholder value. Our review and advice will help mitigate property losses and their impact, by managing manage the physical, financial, and operational risks that affect real assets.
Professional advice is essential, whether in achieving the right tenant mix, addressing underperforming assets, unlocking hidden value and ensuring your property portfolio supports your business strategy.
Our strategic review will assist clients to reconfigure their portfolios by disposing of underperforming assets and acquiring new ones.  Our work with clients ensures they have the correct human resources and processes to manage their properties.

Asset Classes:

•Commercial •Residential •Office
•Hospitality •Retail •Industrial
•Leisure •Special Assets •Land